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Building Skills For The Next Generation Workforce

Over the past twenty years the workforce and job market has undergone a dramatic paradigm shift.  In a world where we had typewriters we now have computers.  Where we once had phone books we now have the Internet.  The world is changing so quickly that skills we had in our youth no longer apply.  This has led to the reconstruction of the workforce and all that are working and will begin to work.  The question becomes, how will we get that training?  Will we go to a four year college or will we rather opt for something like a career transition/outplacement type of service?

For the majority of the current workforce going back for a four year degree doesn’t make sense.  The majority of these individuals have the skills, training and experience that would be given in a college environment so choosing an alternate training program would be ideal.

When entering into one of these training program people can focus on the main components that they need to do the job.  They can be brought up on modern terms, safety practices and even how to be more efficient.  For many who are entering into a new career will have difficulty adapting to new ways of thinking and doing things.  Taking advantage of a transition program can make this process easier.

career transition/outplacement

One of the most beneficial aspects of taking part of a program like this would be the strategic search and planning.  The reason for this is that many people don’t want to totally leave the field that they are currently in.  They want to use the tools, skills and knowledge they have built up over a lifetime.  With a strategic plan and guidance the transition to the next job opportunity will not only be a pleasant one but a profitable one as well.